We provide independent, unbiased investment management and advice that’s tailored to your specific financial goals.

Our comprehensive planning process organizes your financial life and divides your assets into two distinct categories: short-term and long-term.

By making sure your short-term liquidity and income needs are met, we can then make investment decisions that support your long-term goals. We believe that determining how much you should invest for the long term is the single biggest decision we can help you make.

We’re On Your Side

At Bradway Financial, we don’t accept commissions and there are no hidden trading expenses or brokerage costs. As a Registered Investment Advisor we are a fiduciary committed to serving your best interests. The only compensation we receive for our investment management is from you – which means we answer only to you.

Plus, our firm is built around the principle of alignment of interests. We select and manage your investments exactly the same way we select and manage our own.

We can manage all of your investments, whether it’s your workplace retirement plan, a college savings plan or an account held at one of our preferred custodians. We manage an investment partnership for clients who would benefit from exposure to private equity and commercial real estate. And as an independent firm, we’re able to choose the best investment products and services from a full range of companies.

Wealth Management

We take a patient, long-term approach to investing. One of our main roles as advisors is to protect your hard-earned money and ensure that you remain properly invested through all market cycles.

The investment landscape changes constantly – and your portfolio should, too. So our proprietary process ensures that portfolios are properly positioned as markets move up and down.

If you pay attention to the financial media, you’ve probably seen reports that question the value of active investing. They note that most active managers underperform their benchmarks and don’t justify their fees. The much-touted solution? Invest in low-cost index funds or exchange-traded funds that mirror the performance of the market.

We don’t buy this argument.

Why not? We don’t think that simply investing in an index that tracks the broad market is the right solution. If you own the entire market, you end up taking the good with the bad. And when you look for 100 percent of the upside, you’ll also have to take 100 percent of the downside risk. This is not a good plan – or one that is easy to stick with when markets get volatile.

So we take a different approach to investing.

Our proprietary process regularly analyzes a wide range of potential investments. It compares all of the potential investments and then selects the top opportunities while avoiding riskier areas of the market.

The model includes portfolio protection aspects to hedge against periods like we experienced in 2008-2009. As risk increases, the model shifts investments away from stocks and toward bonds, precious metals and cash. The idea is to protect your money during market downturns.

To learn more, contact us to see how we can help you manage your money today so that you can be prepared for your goals of tomorrow.

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