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We Can Be Your Personal Chief Financial Officer

As part of the planning process, you’ve provided financial documents, told us your hopes and dreams and shared your long-term goals. And your financial plan points you in the right direction. But now you need to make the right day-to-day decisions that will keep you on a path toward your goals. That’s where financial coaching comes in.

What exactly is financial coaching?

Clients think of it in different terms. Some consider us their financial quarterback. Some say we’re their family’s chief financial officer. And for others we’re a sounding board.

Whatever the case may be, our financial advice can help you make informed decisions because we understand your life, your finances and your goals. Should you buy or lease a new car? Does refinancing your home make sense? How about buying that vacation home? We’ll help you weigh the options and make the right choices, all while keeping your long-term goals in mind.

As financial coaches, our role also involves education.

The more you know about financial matters, the better off you are. If you’re given 10 options for saving for college, but those choices aren’t presented in context and with relevant background information, you’re going to be paralyzed. We’ll educate you about each option so that you can make an informed decision. This education serves two purposes: It helps you make the right choices and, just as importantly, gives you the confidence that comes from knowing that you're making good decisions.

Financial literacy isn't just for grown-ups. But schools don’t provide much in the way of financial education. That’s too bad, because everyone should have a foundation in the basics of money management, from saving and spending to investing and charitable giving. We can give you tools to help your children become financially literate, including FamZoo, a virtual family bank. It’s the first step to becoming financially savvy.

Financial Planning

Get the peace of mind that comes from making your financial life simpler today and more secure tomorrow.

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Build Wealth

We'll help you become a patient, long-term investor with a portfolio designed for one thing: To support your goals and dreams.

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Insurance Advice

Our comprehensive review of your financial situation includes an analysis of your insurance needs and coverage.

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